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ATP Agarose

Affinity resins have been widely used for the purification of enzymes that bind nucleotides and related molecules. Resins in which ATP is linked via the gamma-phosphate have been valuable in identifying proteins in the purine-binding proteome, which includes kinases, heat shock proteins and other ATP-binding proteins.

ATP Agarose resin comprises ATP attached to agarose beads via its gamma-phosphate. Two forms of the resin are available with low and high ligand substitution. A long hydrophilic spacer (14-atom) is used to minimise unwanted hydrophobic interactions and to facilitate unhindered interactions with biomolecules.

Our ATP Agarose is unique due to the orientation of the nucleotide on the resin. The nucleotide is covalently attached via the terminal phosphate group and this protects the ATP from phosphatase attack and makes the resin extremely stable. The resin can therefore be reused multiple times.  More benefits include:

  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Extremely stable
  • Flexible, they can be used in column chromatography and batch processing
  • Consistent from batch-to-batch

We have over 35 publications citing the successful use of our ATP and GTP Agarose. View the full list of references here.

The Control Resin is just the agarose with no ATP bound.

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High (8-12 µmol/ml) - 2ml (510-0002)

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High (8-12 µmol/ml) - 5ml (510-0005)

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Control Resin - 2ml (520-0002A)

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