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GTP Agarose

Affinity resins have been widely used for the purification of enzymes and other proteins that bind nucleotides and related molecules. GTP-agarose resin comprises GTP attached to agarose beads via its ?-phosphate. A long hydrophilic spacer (14-atom) is used to minimise unwanted hydrophobic interactions and to facilitate unhindered interactions with biomolecules. The ligand is coupled through the ?-phosphate group which means that the resin is resistant to phosphatases found in many crude tissue extracts.

The Control Resin is just the agarose with no GTP bound.

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High (>6 µmol/ml) - 2ml (505-0001)

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High (>6 µmol/ml) - 5ml (505-0002)

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Control Resin - 2ml (520-0002G)

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