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Our Check&Go! range of products allows you to confirm the success of your antibody conjugation to a range of labels in one easy step. Both products within this range consist of a simple immunochromatography test that requires only 10 minutes of your time and very small quanitites of antibody conjugate. There are two products within this range:

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Biotin Check&Go!

Check whether your biotinylation has been a success. Unlike traditional methods of biotinylation detection such as the HABA assay, which is time consuming, requires large quantities of sample and often yields variable results, the Biotin Check&Go! Kit is easy to use, requires minute quantities of antibody conjugate and is complete within 10 minutes.

Conjugate Check&Go! Kit

Confirm the success of your antibody conjugation to fluorescent dyes and proteins, latex beads and gold nanoparticles. This kit is compatible with our Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® GOLD and Latex Bead conjugation technologies as well as other labeling technologies available commercially.

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