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InnovaCoat® GOLD - 40nm Biotin gold conjugate (10OD)

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles have a proprietary surface coating which covalently binds antibodies, proteins, peptides or any other biomolecule with free amine groups to form highly stable conjugates. The surface coating can withstand the most extreme conditions (e.g. 2.5M NaOH at 70oC for 2 hours), making InnovaCoat® GOLD an ideal reagent for a wide range of applications.

Our InnovaCoat® GOLD biotin conjugates share the stability attributes of the core nanoparticle. Furthermore, since the biotin is covalently bound to the surface coating of the gold nanoparticle it is unable to desorb, which is a major problem faced by competing products in which the biotin is directly attached to the metal. Biotin is attached to InnovaCoat® GOLD via an extended linker to facilitate high affinity molecular interactions with streptavidin.

Biotin gold nanoparticle conjugates can be used in conjunction with streptavidin-labeled reagents such as streptavidin-labeled antibodies or proteins, in applications such as lateral flow immunoassays or electron microscopy.

Technical Tip 

When using a biotin-gold nanoparticle conjugate as the detection reagent in a lateral flow immunoassay, it is essential to optimize the amount of streptavidin-conjugated antibody. This example shows a lateral flow test strip with goat anti-rabbit antibody immobilized at the test line, and biotin immobilized at the control line. The test strip has been dipped into solutions containing InnovaCoat® GOLD-biotin and varying concentrations of streptavidin-conjugated rabbit IgG.

Scenario 1 - streptavidin-conjugated rabbit IgG (5-50µg/ml) has bound to the InnovaCoat® GOLD-biotin to produce a strong signal at the test line but no signal at the control line.
Scenario 2 - excess streptavidin-conjugated rabbit IgG (400µg/ml) has resulted in competition for binding to the test line between streptavidin-conjugated rabbit IgG, and streptavidin-conjugated rabbit IgG which is bound to InnovaCoat® GOLD-biotin.
Scenario 3 - a low level of streptavidin-conjugated rabbit IgG (1-10µg/ml) results in a weak test line.

Diagrammatic representation of the three scenarios

 IC-Biotin LFA

InnovaCoat® GOLD-Biotin demonstrates enhanced sensitivity compared to competitor products in lateral flow assays

Comparison of competitor's gold-biotin vs InnovaCoat® GOLD-biotin

InnovaCoat GOLD Biotin LFA

Comparison of test and control line signal intensities between biotin conjugated gold nanoparticles from Competitor 1 or 2 and covalently conjugated InnovaCoat® GOLD-Biotin on lateral flow test strips

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